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wise words wednesday

Words © jen thomas (avisionofwords)

The best time for planning a book is
while you’re doing the dishes.
– Agatha Christie

Or while washing your hair, or taking a road trip, or sitting solo in a cafe sipping coffee… these are the times when my imagination begins to spark and the world-building plans start to form. The only problem is, I can’t take a notebook into the shower.

When does the planning fever strike you?

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inky type is now ‘a vision of words’


I did it! I have taken the leap and changed my blog name. Risky, I know – but absolutely necessary.

It’s time to “align my vision” and all that jazz… Really, I just want a name that’s a little more in tune with my love of words and moving pictures.

A vision of words is something I experience on a daily basis.

Oh the words… they are everywhere. I love them and curse them, and these days I’m trying to wrangle them into book form. More on that soon.

So I bid farewell to the name inky type … and welcome in a vision of words.



Creative workshop addictions (and procrastination) can be useful

Do you sign up to a stack of online creative workshops when you know you don’t have time to do any of them? Just me? Oh.

It may have something to do with my personal craving for accountability – anything that might help me sit down and make something. However I think it has more to do with FOMO (which is, as I continually remind my husband, a Fear Of Missing Out). Last week I signed up for four new workshops. Four; in a week. How many have I started? Just one.

And that’s okay – they don’t have strict timelines. Some hosts send a little guilt inducing ‘hello? are you there?’ by email each week, but I’ve learnt to flag them all for later when … I end up deleting them.

This started out as a confession post really, to relieve some of the guilt, or maybe to get myself back in the swing of blogging about process. Yes, let’s go with that excuse.

Creative process is messy, unpredictable, a tad hit and miss. Just to be clear, I’m talking about my own creative process. What does it look like? A bit like this: I sign up to random creative things; I wander to and fro around the craft table hoping my backside will put itself in the chair long enough to create something; I turn on the TV the second after I decide I want to start writing a chapter in my supposed novel; I skim three magazines and start three new books all at once because I’m not sure which will give me the right boost for my own creative works; I let my coffee go cold while painstakingly prettying up the two feet surrounding it with anything Instagram-worthy; I write a blog post about procrastination (pretty much) instead of writing down that idea that just popped into my mind about a character for a future screenplay I may never write… and on and on it goes.

See? Messy. But all absurdly useful… because I enjoy these things. I enjoy this process, and when I do put my pen to paper, good things do happen.

I guess it takes time to learn what your style is, and at this stage of my life, I’d have to label it ‘rebellious’ (for the record, I’m a fully fledged adult; my angsty days are well behind me). It works for me. I’ve tried being all structured, starting workshops on time, reading the right books and following everyone else’s prompts and timelines, but there is always resistance. To the core. It’s part of my nature. And I’m okay with that.

If you’ve learnt nothing else from this insight into my messy mind, it’s that I’m quite content to continue on the path of colourful discovery with borderline eccentric tendencies. It stirs my soul and, despite the plethora of folks promoting otherwise, I’m keeping it messy.

(To the point where, hey – I’m not even going to re-read this post for edits. I’m hitting “Publish” right now.)

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I’m delighted to be back, Miss Fisher.

I’m back!

It’s with squeaky wheels and a slightly battered shell that I return to the world of blogging, because – quite frankly, 140 characters is just not doing it for me. There’s too much stuff going on, things to say, visual feasts to share. I have returned, whether it’s to an audience of one or an empty void. I’m very happy to be here.

Some ground rules though, given my last post was written two years ago. All good blogs focus on one, if not two or three topics, and inky type should do the same. But who follows rules anyway?

To clarify, these are the focus in my life, and on the blog:

  • writing (fiction, mostly – but extending this to other forms like poetry, multimedia, games, screenplays)
  • books (completely related to the above and something I cannot live without)
  • art journaling (because it’s pretty… and it’s the best form of creative therapy)
  • films & tv (because I regularly binge on Netflix, Stan and my local cinema)
  • postage & papery things (ties in with the writing and the books and the art journaling, and my addiction to stationery which aides all of these pursuits – you’ll see)

That’s it. I’ve broken the two to three topic rule anyhow, so I may as well get on with it.

Signing off with an exciting new discovery in the gaming world (an industry in desperate need of more diversity in roles and themes – and this is a good start).

I’m a huge fan of ABC’s TV series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (please check this out on Netflix, pronto) so I was thrilled to discover the release of a new murder mystery game: Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. It’s an interactive adventure story set in 1920s Melbourne. You can read more about how the design came together on the Film Victoria website. I can’t wait to see the set and costume design.


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Finishing my first short film script

I’ve been hanging out on Instagram a lot these days. I can’t get enough of photo prompt challenges, especially by Susannah Conway. You can find me at @alteredtype

I’m still studying – 8 months left and counting.

And still writing – a short story and my first 15 minute film script about a girl who meets a guy in a bookshop, but it doesn’t end well. For the bookshop.

And still hoarding stationery, which I don’t talk much about here, but I feel my ventures in art journaling and papery things will eventually feature more prominently on the blog (after studies are over).

And still getting over Christmas and various milestone birthdays, and a new role at work, and, and, and…

I may be away from the blog for just a little while. A wise screenwriter once told me, “If you’re writing a blog, you’re not writing your script.” Good point. Back soon.


Ideas for mini-breaks (or: how to step away from the computer)

I can be oblivious to time when I’m working or studying. It takes every bit of self-discipline to remain seated at the desk for eight hours, and just get the work done.

I know this is not the most productive way to work. My mind wanders, energy flags, posture shrinks. So I’ve devised a list of mini-break ideas: five simple things that would take up no more than ten minutes of precious time, that are enjoyable, and makes you feel like you’ve had a real break:

  1. Getting outside with a camera (snapping the first three things that catch your eye)
  2. Pat, play, chat with animals (I have one of these; this one’s a no-brainer)
  3. Walk around the block, or on the treadmill for ten minutes (and sprint for at least two these)
  4. Grab a journal and write a haiku
  5. Make a coffee or tea and savour the slow ritual of making (and if the sun is shining, drink it outside)