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Films on my watch list

So many movies; so little time.

While I’m soaking up literary tales at the Melbourne Writers Festival today, I’ll leave you with a selection of films I’m hoping to watch very soon:

1. The Secret in Their Eyes
A spanish crime thriller, an ex-legal eagle who is writing a book, and an incredible ending, or so I’ve heard.

The Secret In Their Eyes

2. Her
I’m curious, though cautious about this one. Another ‘lonely writer’ seeking solace? I just want to see what everyone’s raving about.


3. Populaire
1958, typewriters, Romain Duris. Enough said.


4. Blue Is the Warmest Color
Love, loss and a coming of age tale for two young girls.


5. The Trip to Italy
I like these guys, and I heard it’s a rather intelligent and entertaining film.


What’s on your list?