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I’m delighted to be back, Miss Fisher.

I’m back!

It’s with squeaky wheels and a slightly battered shell that I return to the world of blogging, because – quite frankly, 140 characters is just not doing it for me. There’s too much stuff going on, things to say, visual feasts to share. I have returned, whether it’s to an audience of one or an empty void. I’m very happy to be here.

Some ground rules though, given my last post was written two years ago. All good blogs focus on one, if not two or three topics, and inky type should do the same. But who follows rules anyway?

To clarify, these are the focus in my life, and on the blog:

  • writing (fiction, mostly – but extending this to other forms like poetry, multimedia, games, screenplays)
  • books (completely related to the above and something I cannot live without)
  • art journaling (because it’s pretty… and it’s the best form of creative therapy)
  • films & tv (because I regularly binge on Netflix, Stan and my local cinema)
  • postage & papery things (ties in with the writing and the books and the art journaling, and my addiction to stationery which aides all of these pursuits – you’ll see)

That’s it. I’ve broken the two to three topic rule anyhow, so I may as well get on with it.

Signing off with an exciting new discovery in the gaming world (an industry in desperate need of more diversity in roles and themes – and this is a good start).

I’m a huge fan of ABC’s TV series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (please check this out on Netflix, pronto) so I was thrilled to discover the release of a new murder mystery game: Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. It’s an interactive adventure story set in 1920s Melbourne. You can read more about how the design came together on the Film Victoria website. I can’t wait to see the set and costume design.