Writing update: poetry and adapting Twelfth Night

I have been doing stuff, making stuff, and most importantly, writing stuff. Yep, stuff has been getting done. While the blog has been shuffled to the sidelines for about a month, here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Writing poetry
I’ve been reading and writing all sorts of poetry for the last three months, and I NEED to keep it up. It’s invigorating, pushing me to use new words and phrases I haven’t dared use before. Plus, haiku genuinely keeps the brain sharp.

2. Re-writing Shakespeare
This is an incredible challenge for my Uni studies. Initially though, I was terrified about the project (being less than an expert on the Bard) until I learned that we were adapting one tale from Charles & Mary Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare for a children’s book. And no, I didn’t choose Twelfth Night just so I could watch She’s The Man, but it was helpful. My adaptation of Twelfth Night takes place at an alternative rock music festival, where the twins’ tale of mistaken identity plays out among world famous rock stars: Orson and Olivia. Who would’ve thought I’d love writing a book for tweens?

3. Writing to pen pals
Three charming ladies from Canada, France and Germany have been sending their thoughts (and paper goodies) my way, and have hopefully received mail from me by now. Viva Snail Mail!

4. Writing as therapy
Again for Uni, I challenged myself to explore a very personal issue in my assignments. My first instinct is to avoid certain topics if I feel the writing process will be too negative or stress-inducing, but this time I’m taking a deep breath and diving into the trauma. So far, it has proven therapeutic. Thankfully, only my poor tutor has to read it.

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